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Grace Evins is a Gynecologist whose interest in holistic wellness based women’s health has increasingly directed her practice towards an integrative and functional approach to medicine. To her this means that many health problems or complaints can be remedied through lifestyle changes via a systematic multi-tiered adoption of therapeutic modalities that help the body achieve and sustain health and equilibrium. Similarly mind and body must be engaged together so that one’s body can restore its natural state of health and wellness. She is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has applied her knowledge of how hormones can prevent disease and improve energy and vitality towards this philosophy. Because nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction are key elements of health promotion Grace has teamed up with experts in each of these fields to provide an individualized health assessment and treatment regimen. She has brought together a team of health care professionals for the purpose of customizing an effective health strategy to optimize your potential.

Exercise Physiology

~ Jen Lias


Jen Lias is an exercise professional whose philosophy of holistic personal fitness includes incorporation of stress management, nutrition, and yoga with overall personal fitness. Jen graduated in 1989 with her Bachelors in Physical Education and Sport from Indiana University of PA. Following her Masters in Exercise Physiology in 1992, she worked in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation for 5 years and achieved certification as an Exercise Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine. She completed her Masters in Physical Therapy degree in Physical Therapy from Chatham College in 1998 and became board certified in Orthopedics through the American Physical Therapy Association in 2008. Jen has additional training in vestibular and balance disorders.

Her educational background and yoga practice has lead to a movement and postural-based philosophy of musculoskeletal wellness. Her belief is that injury prevention and recovery can be achieved by allowing the body to maintain homeostasis and a balance of muscular strength to body weight.

Some of Jen’s strengths are her unique ability to individualize prescriptive exercises based on body type, alignment, flexibility and strength ratios in patients with certain restrictions or physical limitations. Ideal body weight and body fat, fitness level and appropriate exercise target heart rates can also be formulated for the client’s goals.

Our customized exercise program will reduce exercise related pain and injuries, target an ideal goal weight based on body fat percentage and personal goals, and achieve target heart rate and fitness profile.

A fitness profile is generated based on the patients’ goals and desires.

Stress Reduction

~ Tracy Apostolik


Tracy Apostolik is an American Reflexology Certification Board certified Reflexologist, with over 13 years of experience. She is the owner of Healing Scents, a school teaching foot reflexology certification courses. She received her first training at Omega Institute, NY and later went on to study Neuro foot reflexology and teacher training with Lone Sorensen, in Charlotte NC.   She is also certified in facial reflexology.

After receiving an International Certification in Aromatherapy from The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in California, Tracy went on to study essential oils and their effect on emotional, physical and mental health. She is also a Reiki practitioner and has been practicing meditation for several years.

Unlike a foot massage, which primarily focuses on the musculature, reflexology focuses on the reflexes on our feet, hands, and faces.  Communication between organs is continual and sometimes blockages happen on the pathways of this energy. These blockages can appear in the form of “crystals” which are deposited in the reflexes, interfering with blood, lymph, and energy flow, causing congestion in corresponding areas of the body.  By stimulating these reflexes, using specific hand and finger movements particular to the field of reflexology, messages are sent to the brain through the nervous system. This, in turn, sends messages to those corresponding body parts, systems and organs to increase energy flow and circulation.


Blair Wirkkala

Blair is a wellness oriented RN. Beyond her experience as a registered nurse, she has worked as a health and physical educator, an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant. Her education includes bachelor’s degrees in Health Science, Physical Education, and Nursing as well as a Masters of Sport Science degree from the United States Sports Academy where she completed an internship at the Cooper Institute in Dallas. While living in Boulder, she studied Biochemistry at the University of Colorado. USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1 is her most recent fitness related certification.

It is the combination of her experiences, education, and obsession with science as it relates to optimal health that drives her interests and work. Besides developing the Better Fat Burner program, she is the author of Menopause Happens—Own the Change: How to Bring on Vibrant Health During the Menopausal Transition.

It is the combination of her experiences, education, and obsession with science as it relates to optimal health that drives her interests and work. Besides developing the Better Fat Burner program, she is the author of Menopause Happens—Own the Change: How to Bring on Vibrant Health During the Menopausal Transition.

In addition, she is a proud mother, wife, and loves being outdoors.

Blair has found that transitioning the body toward using fat, as its main energy source is one of the best ways to address health issues. Becoming a “Better Fat Burner” means ensuring the body is set up to easily, readily, and preferentially burn fat for its energy needs. The end results include hormone stabilization, increased energy, decreased chronic disease risk, and a transformed physique. Becoming a Better Fat Burner is so powerful that she makes it a major focus of her consultations, although she offers individualized plans to fit your specific needs and preferences.


Blair thoroughly enjoys sharing this powerful information and witnessing the game-changing impact on her clients’ health–inches down, energy up, health biomarkers enhanced!

Becoming a Better Fat Burner is such a relief to the body–increased energy and a transformed physique is how it returns the favor!

Blair’s role within the group:

Vitality results when hormone balance, optimal nutrition, stress reduction, and effective exercise are all present. Because the melding of these factors is critical to vibrant living, our primary focus is to be integrative. Blair’s role is to address issues related to nutrition and metabolism. Food, fat loss, body composition, inflammation, supportive herbs and supplements, blood sugar balance, insulin sensitivity, cravings, nutrient balance, energy, and chronic disease risks are her areas of focus. We are thrilled for Blair to be a part of our contemporary holistic approach to healthcare and to Living Well!

Evaluation and Management of HPA axis dysfunction

HPA dysfunction (formerly referred to as adrenal fatigue) is insidious and more common than is recognized. This is because stress affects everyone every day. If you have noticed a change in your mood, sleep patterns, energy level, or seem to be getting sick more often then it may be helpful to discuss this with a healthcare provider. By proactively addressing the common stressors that affect our cortisol production such as blood sugar imbalance, mental and emotional stress, sleep cycle disturbances, and inflammation we can reverse some of these troubling symptoms.

Our wellness program helps you to identify which areas are problematic for you and provide you with advice on lifestyle changes in addition to nutrient support protocols that will address the individual HPA dysfunction present.

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Our goal is to safely and effectively optimize your health! We will not sell you a packages to increase our profits, nor will we ever prescriptive oral conjugated estrogens such as Premarin.